Michael Hauser • Video

Adapting to climate change through systemic responses

During the Climate Adaption Summit in January 2021, we reinforced agroecology as one perspective to innovate food systems.

One thing is clear: The global climate crisis and its interconnections with the food system cannot be solved through single, isolated measures. Yet, many of our responses are sectoral, fragmented, and disconnected. The way we conduct our agricultural research, unfortunately, is no exception. Therefore, the Berlin-based TMG Research consulted with scientists, practitioners, and policymakers and formulated five key messages in a TMG Working Paper, calling for innovating adaptation to climate change through agroecology. During the Climate Adaption Summit 2021, TMG and partners presented a video message to delegates to reinforce the five messages. With pleasure, I supported these messages through a statement. The video you can find here.

Turkana, towards the Ugandan border, August 2018 (Photo Credit: Michael Hauser)