As drought hits, Zimbabweans are going hungry

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe drive up food costs, people are struggling to stay afloat. Our City-Region Food System study gets more and more demanding. My ICRISAT colleague Sabine Homann Kee-Tui in Zimbabwe wrote this article for the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Kennedy Famba took pictures in Bulawayo.

People in Bulawayo’s townships in Zimbabwe primarily survive on maize. Even so, the year 2019 has hit them particularly hard, with the drought drying up the supply of grain to the city. Prices of staple foods have gone up.

“Many of us know what makes a balanced diet, but we don’t have the means to access those nutritious foods,” says Thembelihle E Ndlovu, a community health worker in Old Pumula township.

Gabriel Banda, a young father, explains, “I eat at home as few times as possible so that the food can go a long way to feed my family.” Many parents are forced to make the same choice, eating just one maize meal a day.

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